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HOKU Sr. Science and Math

Happy New Year!

It was the first time this week for Wednesday's Science and Math class for 2019.  It was nice to see them after such a long time!

During EIKEN sentence time, we went over some interesting homonyms (words that sound/are spelled the same, but have different meanings).

For example, the verb form of "ship". The example sentence we made was: "Amazon Prime ships __________ all over the world." 

Some words that were not in the book, but came up in our students' sentences was "terrifying" in "There was a terrifying _____ on the mountain."

We continued studying about minerals and Earthscience in Unit 3 and will continue next week and in February. 

Winter School 2018

本日Winter School最終日でした。 テーマは世界各地の生き物について学ぶで、ActivityやCraftなど毎日みんなで仲良く、興味を持って取り組んでいる姿が印象的でした。


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