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9月25日(火) クッキング

9月27日(金) 授業参観 10:15~11:15

Friday 9/21

The students had a fun art class with Mr. Dover!
They also helped us set up the room where they learned
the value of teamwork.

In medical lesson, they learned about their nose and its function.
They also played the "what`s this" game to help them memorize
their body parts.

And since today was rainy, we decided to stay indoor and practice
for Sports day! We hope the weather will be better next week.

Thursday 9/20

Thursday started off with Show & Tell after a game of hide and seek. Everyone did great and talked enthusiastically about what they brought. Well done guys! From next week we will also add a song for everyone to sing before the lesson. It's the Sing & Tell song!




This was followed up by the STEAM lesson, where students continued learning about flight, this time focusing on the glider and air resistance.



The small kids had fun learning phonics and did very well interacting with the teachers.



Kid Fit came after lunch (stir fried beef!) while the smaller kids practised their dances for Sports Day.