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Wednesday 5/10 (Excursion day with parents)

Today, we had an excursion at Ohori park with our parents and teachers, we had an amazing time where we did our morning circle, we sang and danced a lot with our parents and teachers, after that we played some games, the first game was we played hula hoop relay, we had fun passing the hula hoop to our friends then the next game was we hunted for eggs it was a bit of challenging but it was vey fun to hunt, we did our best, then after we got the egg, we got presents, we were very thankful and happy to received presents, then the next game was we made a long line train by playing rock- paper- scissors, it was very fun, then the last game was we ran to our teachers and we got apple juice, it was so amazing, then we ate our lunch with our parents, it was so yummy lunch, we are very thankful to our mom and dad for making lunch, after lunch we got along well with our friends and we enjoyed playing with each other, today was full of excitement and enjoyment!

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