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EL Input lesson

This is one of many things our students do during our elementary group lesson.
We learn 12 new words from a picture dictionary, and practice making sentences with them.
In January's picture dictionary, we are learning the vocabulary of some things we see every day!
House, street, stop sign, bench!
Students practice saying, 'There is a red house on Oak Street', or 'There's a bench in the park'.

PS Input lesson

Teacher Gabby is practicing alphabets and phonics with the pre school students!
The students did a good job today ^^

Winter School

We read the story of Cinderella, and drew using oil pastels!

Winter School

Happy New Year!
I was glad to see my students who came for Winter School.
They spoke in English as much as they can, and participated in the activities happily.
We had some fun doing origami and making collages!


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