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Musical Instruments

Today, we learnt about the various types of musical instruments.The

animal concert looks amazing! I wonder if they are playing Bach or Mozart?

Can you see the different animals playing? Let's finish the sentences!

The walrus is playing the _________.

The _______ is playing the French horn.

The owl is playing the _________.

The ________ is clapping.

Are you able to answer all of them?

I would love to see a real concert! What about you? heart02

Summer Rain in Kyoto

After a few days of bright sunshine and hot air, Kyoto is now experiencing cooling rain.The

weather forecast reports that we will be seeing light to heavy showers this whole week!

Look at those dark clouds!

That means we will need to put on our best rainboots and raincoats!

Have you jumped in rain puddles before? 

Summer Rain in Kyotoの続きを読む

Interesting Phrases in English

Sometimes, we just have set phrases that we use in English. Below are a few examples. Have you used any of them before?

Come on! We'll be late otherwise!

Be careful, do not knock over my glass.

I'm Michael. Let me show you around.

Dinner was great, Dad. Shall I wash up now?

I didn't know what happened but I fell over.

Firefighters put out fires, don't they?

Waku Waku lesson

We learned about sea otters.
Did you know that sea otters use rocks to help them crack open shells for food?
They also have a little pouch, like a pocket(!), under their foreleg for them to store their special rock, and food!
We made sea otters using brown paper bags :)


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