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Saturday School: Make your own sock puppet!

After three weeks of sewing practice, students made their own sock puppets!
They had pom poms for eyes, and buttons for noses, so adorable!

Saturday School: Sewing on mazes!

Today students did more sewing practice.
Soon, they will be able to participate in fun sewing projects!

Waku Waku lesson: Amphibians (Poison Dart Frog)

In today's Waku Waku lesson, we learned about the Poison Dart Frog.
Students were so surprised to learn that the parent frog carries its tadpole from the ground,
and transfers it into a pool of water inside a Bromeliad plant high up in a tree.
There, the tadpole feeds on unfertilized eggs brought by its parent,
and there it will stay until it grows into a frog!

Waku Waku lesson: Mammals (lions!)

This week, we learned about mammals, with a focus on the king of beasts, the mighty lion!
Students made their own lions using their handprint, some colored paper, and paint!
We sang and danced to 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. It was fun!

Coding and programming

For this week's STEAM activity, we learned about the computer, how it works, and what we use it for!
We did graph paper programming, which would help students understand how coding works. Students did well!

Saturday craft: Sewing

Today our students worked on improving their sewing skills.
Look at their faces, deep in concentration!


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