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Saturday School Craft

Happy Thanksgiving!

Students make turkeys using just paper cutouts, paint and paper plates!
The colors match autumn weather very well, don't you think?

Waku Waku lesson

We learned about African elephants!
Elephants are one of my favorite animals.
Did you know that an African elephant is the largest animal on land?
How can an elephant be so BIG and cute at the same time?
We made an elephant out of a wooden peg doll!

Pre school Input class

Students enjoy singing to the Days of the Week song while pointing to the poster.
We had a cooking activity too! We made clock pancakes. Students said they were so yummy!

PS input lesson

PS students listen diligently to Teacher Gabby during our pre school 60 min class

Halloween Week

Here are some highlights from Halloween Week in ACB Kyoto!
I loved everyone's costumes! This year, Rapunzel's dress is a popular costume :)
Of course, there are witches, black cats, and even a grim reaper!
I especially liked the DIY ghost costumes from our Wednesday and Thursday group classes.
Check them out below!!

Jack o'lantern

I carved a pumpkin with my friends on Sunday, so I brought it to school today :O
Did you see him sitting outside our school?
He is a little special, because he looks pink in the day, but orange at night!
Please give him a pat on his head.
Students came dressed as witches and princesses.
We played games, had a quiz, and made a Halloween wreath!

Popsicle stick scarecrows

During craft time, students made scarecrows using popsicle sticks.
They did a great job painting the scarecrow's hat orange and black!

Fire and light

During Waku Waku lesson last week, we learned about sources of heat.
Without light and heat from the sun, we wouldn't be able to survive!
Students ran around the room looking for sources of heat.
The microwave oven, the air conditioner... Even our bodies produce heat!
What happens when you pick up an ice cube? It melts, as heat is transferred from your body to the ice!
We made a pinwheel which can be powered by the hot air from candle flames. It was really fun!

Monster Faces

Students created scary(or cute) monsters using colored paper that they have cut into different shapes.

Picasso's Cubism

Picasso, one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century, invented cubism
which is a style of art that uses geometric shapes to depict things! Whew~
Here are our students' cubist flowers!